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The Benefits of DISES Membership!

As a DISES member, you will benefit from collaboration and connections with a large network of passionate practitioners and researchers working around the globe working on innovative and impactful teaching practices, research, projects and policy in the field of special education. In addition to receiving the Journal of International Special Needs Education and the DISES Newsletter, you have the opportunity to attend DISES Roundtables and Conferences for a discounted price and to be a part of the DISES membership meetings, conference sessions and reception at the annual CEC Convention. You also have the opportunity to run for positions on the Board  and register for committees to deepen your connections and impact on the global work that is happening across DISES!

We know that there may be some confusion with all of the CEC Membership changes and wanted to provide some guidance as you re-new and/or invite colleagues and friends to join CEC/DISES as new members. Furthermore, we would love to hear from YOU about how we can better support you as a member! Please reach out to Sigamoney Naicker to chat and/or learn more about getting involved on the Membership Committee! We have some innovative thinkers on the committee and are excited about paving new ways and thinking through new and exciting opportunities for DISES members – YOU!

You can reach Lauren Katzman here:

How Do I Become a DISES Member?

DISES is a special interest division  of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC).

If you are already a CEC member and would like to add a DISES membership on, please call CEC at 1-888-232-7733 to add on a DISES membership.

If you are not a CEC Member yet: Check out the Membership Options.

  • You can join DISES as a special interest division with the Basic ($65/year), Full ($115/year) or Premier ($164/year) Membership options!
  •  All Special Interest Divisions are an additional cost.  DISES Membership dues are $29/year for USA citizens and $15 for all international members from any other country.

Join here.

If you are a student, you receive a special student discount of 20% off any individual membership!  When you are registering, check “join as a student” on the Membership and Division Selection page.

If you live in a country identified by the World Bank as having a low income or lower middle income economy, you may join CEC at the Full Membership option for $50 (as compared to the full cost of $115). and DISES for $15 (as compared to the full cost of $29). When you register, your mailing address will be used to confirm that you are from a country with a low income or lower-middle income economy and trigger the reduced dues rate. Please fill out the 2016 International Application and mail it to the address listed. Remember to select the “Full” Membership option on the Membership page and “International” on the Division Selection page. If you are not sure how the World Bank classifies your country, click here to find out!

Here are some examples:

Jane lives in Zambia (a country with a lower-middle income economy). She would input her address in Zambia when registering online. Then she would select CEC Full Membership (reduced rate) for $50, and add a DISES International membership for $15.

John lives in England. He would select the option that best meets his needs from the three CEC membership tiers (Premier, Full, Basic) for the stated rate, and add DISES for the $15 international rate.

Maria’s home is in Haiti (a country with a low-income economy), but she is currently working at a US university. Her permanent address is in Haiti, and her temporary address is in the US. By giving CEC both addresses, she qualifies for the reduced CEC rate of $50, and should follow the same procedures as Jane above. (Select a Full Membership for $50, and add a DISES International Membership for $15).

Kelsey is a graduate student at George Mason University and is from Texas. She would select the option that best meets her needs from the three CEC membership tiers (Premier, Full, Basic). She would mark herself as a student and include information for her University and supervisor/counselor as she registers to qualify for the student rate. She will receive 20% off the CEC membership tier that she chooses. Then, she will add a DISES student membership for $15.

Daniel is a professor at Texas State University and is from Montana. He would select the option that best meets his needs from the CEC membership tiers (Premier, Full, Basic) for the stated rate, and add a DISES membership for $29.


Please reach out to Sigamoney Naicker, DISES Membership Chair with any questions, concerns or for support with becoming a member!

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