Sligo, Ireland 2012

Promoting research, collaboration, and advocacy

DISES International Round Table

Sligo, Ireland July 8 – 13, 2012

The Round Table structure allows for conversation and sharing among participants and will consist of 3 groups focusing on an area within the DISES Strategic Plan:

Topic 1:  sharing of research and scholarship in International special needs education,

Topic 2:  offering examples of international collaborations in special needs education,

Topic 3:  discussing international policies and advocating for human rights for special needs populations.

The program included a keynote address on special needs education in Ireland on the opening day. We invited participants to submit papers for discussion during morning sessions. Selected presenters were invited to submit their manuscripts for publication in a special issue of the Journal of International Special Needs Education (JISNE).

An important aspect of the work that we do as international members of the special needs education community requires us to connect with various cultures in order to embrace culturally relevant pedagogy. In order to expand this understanding, excursions were planned for every afternoon and some evenings to discover Ireland’s complicated history, vast natural beauty, political and financial challenges, and to experience Irish culture through the arts.