Sofia, Bulgaria

DISES International Round Table | June 25 - 30, 2017
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Sofia 2017 DISES 

June 25th-30th, 2017

Including All Children in a Changing World


One part of our DISES mission is to foster an environment of sharing and networking across national borders. Our roundtable events do this is two ways:

  • Our presenters come from different countries and continents. During the roundtable they share deeply work they care about and engage in extended conversations about that work with others from other contexts. Frequently collaborative relationships develop that extend long after the roundtable ends.
  • We also know that there is potential for us as a group to engage local educators in discussions of effective practices to better serve the needs of learners with disabilities or those facing other significant learning challenges.

This year we are planning a new way to make this happen. On Thursday we will take the Roundtable to Teteven, about an hour outside of Sofia, in a rural area of Bulgaria. The Centre for Inclusive Education has been partnering with the primary and secondary schools there, supporting the implementation of inclusive practices in their schools.

We propose to support that effort WITH YOUR HELP by plan to offering the opportunity for some of you to offer short workshops for Teteven teachers. We hope to offer a variety of short sessions on strategies useful in supporting inclusive education for these teachers.

The workshops need to be focused, practical, and concise (~ 20 minutes) since we will be delivering these workshops primarily through translation. We want to leave the teachers with some new strategies they can use in their classrooms when school resumes after the vacation.

Sound interesting?  Then send us a short description of a strategy you would be willing to share in one of the following topical areas, to

  • Literacy strategies
  • Mathematics learning
  • Content learning
  • Second language learning
  • Assessment of student learning
  • Transition supports to world of work
  • Universal design for learning
  • Classroom management
  • Positive behavioral supports
  • Physical activities
  • Creative activities (music, art, drama, etc.)
  • Student support
  • Family involvement
  • Anything else??