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In this session, we continued to examine the international 2022 UNESCO REDS report and the impact the global pandemic has had on learners and teachers across the globe. This interactive virtual event highlighted panelists from Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean who shared positive strategies they are seeing in their countries and hopes for the future. 


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  • Dr. Aleksandra Ristić (Slovenia)
  • Dr. Argnue Chitiyo (8 African countries)
  • Dr. Melinda Pierson (Haiti)

Help and Support for At-promise Learners’ Academic and Emotional Well-being: Moving the 2022 UNESCO Report to Inform Inclusive Practices in Our Communities

Connect to our newly developed DISES YouTube channel so that you can view past virtual events at your leisure:

Join DISES Members as they share insights about global research on inclusive practices and instructional strategies around the world. Participate in discussions with our panelists who have worked in England, Singapore, India, Kenya, and the United States. Hear about their experiences and perspectives on this important theme. Participants will have opportunities to interact with our panelists in a facilitated discussion as well as access to relevant resources shared by the presenters. 


  • Dr. Zachary Walker, Head of Department of Psychology and Human Development, University College of London Institute of Education
  • Dr. Sonia Sawhney, Assistant Professor at Tata Institute of Social Services, Hyderabad, India
  • Dr. Robai Werunga, Assistant Professor of Special Education at University of Massachusetts, Lowell  

The session focused on strategies for sustaining family partnerships around the world. Culturally responsive practices and engagement are critical factors in creating strong family partnerships. Panelists from Jamaica, Bulgaria, India and the United Arab Emirates shared their perspectives on this important theme. 



  • Stephanie Hamilton, Parent Advocate, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Indumathi Rao, PhD, Regional Adviser, Community Based Rehabilitation Network, Bangalore University, India
  • Keitha A.M Osborne, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Mico University College, Kingston, Jamaica
  • Iva Boneva, PhD, Executive Director, Association for Shared Learning ELA, Bulgaria

Connect to our newly developed DISES YouTube channel so that you can view past virtual events at your leisure:

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Last Updated:  12 January, 2024

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