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Indumathi Rao, PhD

Dr. Rao in India

Dr. Indumathi Rao is a Regional Adviser for the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Network at Bangalore University, India. Dr. Rao advocates for the inclusion of people with diverse needs across South Asia. The Network is based in Bengaluru, Karnataka state, India and includes the countries of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. As Executive of  CBR Network Dr. Rao’s responsibilities include 1) developing strong networks with universities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs); 2) advising governments at the central and state levels about programs for inclusion of persons with disabilities and advising them about developing policies and programs for their inclusion; 3) developing courses for universities in inclusion education with community based rehabilitation and 4) disseminating knowledge and skills practices on inclusive education and community based rehabilitation.

The CBR Network is a member of many forums and partnerships, including being a member of the Global Partnership for Disability and Development initiated by the World Bank and associate member of Rehabilitation International .CBR has a partnership market where experts across the globe are invited to share their knowledge and expertise in monthly virtual lecture series. In May, 2021 Dr. Rao arranged a virtual talk in collaboration with DISES on Inclusive Education and Community Based Rehabilitation (IRIEC), on developmental access by Professor Lisa Morin on the theme “Evidence based Strategies to Teach Mathematical Problem Solving to Students with Learning Disabilities”. The Network has produced CBR manuals for the countries of South Asia. Teachers are taught to use the training manuals that have been translated into their native language. These training kits include CDs with virtual class lectures and a digital library of multimedia resources. 

Dr. Rao in India

Dr. Rao participated in the DISES virtual event on Culturally Sustaining Partnerships with Families Around the Globe, June 26, 2021, as a panelist and shared her expertise on strategies for supporting families by establishing mutual support groups as a venue for parent-to-parent support and developing advocacy skills. Additionally, she provided several resources to the group, also available as part of the recording and information brief on the DISES website.

Dr. Rao believes it is important for nations to work together to find effective solutions for students with disabilities and diverse aspects of education.  To effectively accomplish this, Dr. Rao believes DISES membership is important for nations to learn from each other and share solutions and practices to impact a global society.

DISES is very excited to partner with Dr. Rao and the CBR Network for the DISES 2023 Roundtable in Bangalore, India, July 12-14. Please visit the DISES website for details.

Posted:  24 October, 2022

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